Samantha’s haircut at Terry’s space salon


On the International Space Station, ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti gets a haircut from colleague NASA astronaut Terry Virts while cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov assists with the vacuum cleaner, making sure that no hair cuttings float off.

Samantha posted updates about the haircut on Twitter. She started off saying: “New Year, time for a haircut. Setting up shop at ‘Chez Terry'”. Commenting on this image she said: “While master @AstroTerry cuts, apprentice @AntonAstrey is at the vacuum cleaner”.

Samantha Cristoforetti is currently living and working on board the International Space Station as part of the six-strong Expedition 42 crew. Follow her Futura mission at

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  1. Cool channel, I genuinely liked it. If you like watching clips with girls going from long to short, then please check out my channel as I upload fresh original content all the time.

  2. OK, were we can sign up for that Space Hair Salon ? What ??? How many years of training You say ? 😀 😀 😀 😀
    ps: Cool video ^_^ Made me laugh for no apparent reason 🙂

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