ScienceCasts: Alien Matter in the Solar System


“Alien matter” detected by a NASA spacecraft orbiting Earth shows that the chemical make-up of our solar system differs from that of the surrounding galaxy. Researchers discuss the possible meaning of this mismatch in this week’s ScienceCast video.
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  1. @Weltschmerz420 Actually, scientific method disproves & approves theories. And a god cannot be proven nonexistent just because it leaves no remains, no "proofs", to be evaluated. I am atheist because the existence of a god seems a lot less likely to me than the nonexistence of it.

  2. My understanding and belief is that everything has the same origin, but I would agree that the term "alien" is often used in a non-descriptive way. Alien beings on earth would be "extra-terrestrials" or beings that did not originate on the Earth. Here, alien is probably meant to refer to matter outside the influence of our sun's heliosphere.

  3. Atheists say you can't logically prove non-existence or that, logically, you can't prove that something doesn't exist , i.e., the non-existence of God. On the other hand they demand that believers prove God's existence, saying you can only prove that something does exist. So, from the atheist position, you can assert there is a possibility of proving the existence of God but you cant logically, say "There is no God".

  4. NASA – Please add your videos to the Youtube EDU.  This will make it available to Schools who chose to filter out the murky parts of Youtube (as well as stuff that just isn't useful to education.

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