Sentinel-2: an introduction


An introduction to the Sentinel-2 mission for Europe’s Copernicus programme and some of its benefits for the planet’s ever-growing population, such as deforestation monitoring, food security and the sustainable management of natural resources.

Credits: ESA

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  1. Nice thinking… the science is great, though I doubt governments or corporations will give up their greed/interests/profits to make it happen. What we need is a Global Authority for the Environment, that has some teeth and not just a rubber stamp!

  2. thats great but we dont seam to be admitting the problem that we are living a greedy way of life and a greedy way of life always ends in destruction!!!!!and i dont think the space agencys would recieve the funding they do get without this greedy way of life dicotomy!!!!er stop the greed!! stop the greedy!!!!! ta!! i enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is an excellent initiative, but are people going to LISTEN and STOP deforestation and the general destruction of the planet? Right now we do know that it's bad but the GREED is not stopping. Will satellites be able to stop the greed?

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