Sentinel services for agriculture


Sentinel-2B will be launched by a Vega rocket from Europe’s Spaceport, French Guiana.

Lift off is scheduled at 01:49 GMT (02.49 CET) on 7 March, 22:49 on 6 March in Kourou.

It will join its sister satellite Sentinel-2A and the other Sentinels part of the Copernicus programme, the most ambitious Earth observation programme to date.

Sentinel-2A and 2B will be supplying ‘colour vision’ for Copernicus and together they can cover all land surfaces once every five days thus optimising global coverage and the data delivery for numerous applications.

The data provided by these Sentinel-2 satellites is particularly suited for agricultural purposes, such as managing administration and precision farming.

ESA is currently working with the European Commission and National stakeholders to understand the full range of opportunities Earth Observation can contribute in particular to modernise and simplify the Common Agricultural Policy. This video shows how agriculture benefits from the use of the Sentinel data in the Czech Republic.

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  1. Besides having another satellite in orbit, are there any things that we should be looking forward to? [functionalities that are genuinely beyond other systems]

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