Sounding Rockets: Cutting-Edge Science, 15 Minutes at a Time


Some of the smallest and lightest rockets in NASA’s lineup have made some of the biggest impacts on science. With a flight time of just about 15 minutes before falling back to Earth, sounding rockets collect unique observations on everything from our planet’s atmosphere to the Sun and even distant galaxies.

Join us live to hear from scientists who have traveled to the ends of the Earth to launch sounding rockets, flown cutting-edge instruments on these suborbital flights, and used sounding rockets to make brand-new scientific discoveries.

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  1. Can sounding rockets be used to cover up the disaster of Operation Goldfish Bowl?
    You can use anything except history and science to cover up the gross incompetence and environmental disaster which NASA headed up along with the global military industrial complex elite.
    The measurements taken by sounding rockets are never actually published. They are a retrospective state secret even after they are published in National publications.
    If you want to know more, read 1984 by George Orwell, paying attention particularly to the ministry of truth.
    Even in this video, the story changes minute by minute. Are sounding rockets science or military?
    Sounding rockets have found a hole in earth's lethal ionic cloud which is just the right size for the apollo crew to use whenever they needed to use ir.
    It has since closed up, which has been proved by sounding rockets.
    Samples taken by sounding rockets have shown that the artifical belt of charged particles created in the 50s and early 60s is not yet dissapated fully.
    Our planet and the life on it have been very fortunate to survive the attempt by NASA and the military to interfere with earth's magnetosphere. Global warming is vastly preferable to what NASA tried to serve up during Operation Dominic.

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