Space Experts Discuss the Search for Life in the Universe at NASA


NASA space-based observatories are making unprecedented new discoveries and revealing worlds never before seen. During a televised panel discussion of leading science and engineering experts at NASA Headquarters on Monday, July 14, a scientific and technological roadmap to lead to the discovery of potentially habitable worlds among the stars was addressed. The agency’s next step, the James Webb Space Telescope (Webb telescope), was featured as a new tool that will continue to help scientists rewrite scientific textbooks long after its scheduled launch in 2018.

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  1. This question Is so obvious are we alone? The answer is no . We are surrounded and imbedded and emersed in life and it is communicating with us always we only need to listen

  2. When they say a planet is inhabitable,
    Why they assume that other species are similar to us. They might have adapted themselves to the conditions which are dangerous for us, or even they might not be breathing in oxygen

  3. Even if there is life out there. If we could travel at 10 percent of the speed of light you'd never make it to the nearest star to us. It's ridiculous. We will not ever travel through time or bend space. Never. End of story!

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