Space’s part in the 5G revolution


Everybody is talking about 5G, the new generation of wireless communication. We are at the start of a revolution in connectivity for everything, everywhere, at all times.
Space plays at important roll in this revolution. We need satellites to ensure businesses and citizens can benefit smoothly from 5G.

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  1. Total propaganda. "Being connected is everything." Actually, no it isn't. NOT being connected is where you'll find some peace of mind, and your common sense. One big lying video. One big lying 5G problem. One world government wants to know where you are, what you are doing, and what you are thinking, 24/7.

  2. Yea let’s put 5G our there EVEN THOUGH study after study has proven without a shred of doubt that 5G can cause high risks of cancer and other health effects among people. Real smart thinking there ESA.

  3. Unbelivable… europe is pushing article 13 and is proud about (Germany had over 5 billion voices against it in textform, and some demonstrations!)…
    now they make – proofed by many studys – the earth become a microwave supporting the esa… that is same like monsanto does in aggrar!!!

    esa, i was a big fan, now your are just one of these guys destroying our all planet..
    unbelivebale… bye!

  4. The waves for cellphones (5G included) are NON-ionizing radiation. It CANNOT cause cancer.
    Research properly before you comment here and make a fool of yourself.

  5. Uh, 5G modulation doesn't really increase the bandwidth of existing bands. It improves it by maybe 15-20%. All the gains from 5G come from the millimeter wave high bands and the fact that multiple GHz of new spectrum is going to be (or has been) auctioned off in various countries. But millimeter wave has terrible propagation. Not only because the wavelength is so tiny and 1/r^2 losses but because of the water and other atmospheric absorption. Putting 5G stuff up in space for ground or sea use is just silly.

  6. REMEMBER PEOPLE – the biggest connectivity they want is to YOUR BRAIN. YOU are THE PRODUCT. Do some research and find out for yourself what 5G really is, how it can be used and how harmful the millimetre bandwidth is to human health, physical, mental and emotional. Ditch your smart products NOW. Don't be conned.

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