Spiralling stars provide a window into the early Universe #shorts


The Small Magellanic Cloud has a simpler chemical composition than the Milky Way, making it similar to the galaxies found in the younger Universe, when heavier elements were more scarce. Because of this, the stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud burn hotter and so run out of their fuel faster than in our Milky Way. Though a proxy for the early universe, at 200 000 light-years away the Small Magellanic Cloud is also one of our closest galactic neighbours.

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  1. As belas estrelas numa delicada espiral ocorrendo no local …a pulsar no coração do Universo primordial!! Existirão diferenças relevantes das estrelas contemporâneas no processo evolutivo ou estrelas em espiral no actual Universo?! …Seguir as admiráveis estrelas podemos obter muitas respostas?!!!!

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