Start your Hack an Exoplanet challenge | How are exoplanets studied?


Exoplanets are planets outside our own Solar System, orbiting a star other than our Sun. Scientists use telescopes to find exoplanets and study them. Join Cheops Principal Investigator, Willy Benz, as he tells the story of exoplanets, and begin your mission to investigate two mysterious worlds: KELT-3b and TOI-560c.

This video has been developed in the context of the first ever ESA Education hackathon for secondary students: “Hack an Exoplanet”. This educational activity allows students to use real satellite data to investigate alien worlds and become exoplanet detectives for a day.

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    Bible SIXTH Seal = Andromeda Galaxy…
    European Union is a Crown with many Crowns…
    Star of Bethlehem: ancient CHINESE astrology

    (gulfmaid =dust in the wind)😊
    personal point of view

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