Studying forest biomass from space


In this video, forestry expert Maurizio Santoro, senior researcher at Gamma Remote Sensing and one of the leaders of ESA projects related to the Climate Change Initiative (CCI), explains how the use of various data, whether in synergy or in comparison, can bring a great contribution/benefit to the field of mapping biomass and measuring this Essential Climate Variable.

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  1. Carbon sinks/long lasting products designed, at least in part, from trees or other fast growing vegetation is optimal.

    The ocean should also not be undermined in its abilities, and needs serious consideration to start implementing changes to keep up with the oceans equilibrium also changing state.

    While satellites are really popular as they represent some of the visible magnificence of sci-culture, I think balloon tech should really be explored. A single balloon could comfortably monitor a few hundred km², and host an array of different sensing equipment.

    Such a program has enormous potential to save any areas at high risk of fires and their countries money, livelihood, and Earth itself. The difference of a few minutes response time can be the difference in being able to mitigate/contain the fire.

    Researchers stationed at and around these camps, assisted by drones, can play a crucial role, while also generating valuable research that countries can use to make money from – and not only from money saved from fires. Tourism, agriculture, architecture.

    There is so much opportunity in balloon tech, including to enhance satellite data, cost effectively.

    Cylindrical balloons will be the optimal next-gen balloon. It allows extra equipment, and even protective gear to be fixed to it (such as flexible solar panels). Using a cylindrical shell balloon to protect an interior balloon has advantages over "just making the balloon more durable."

  2. Worth every cent of tax payers money! In my opinion much better invested then in creating a far more expensive mission to send a human to the moon or mars. Understanding and monitoring our ecosystems will help us to actually address and hopefully solve the biggest challenge of our generation. Thanks ESA.

  3. As florestas são tão importantes …estudar esta fonte que nos dá. de tudo …é de facto urgente ver os desequilíbrios que directamente implicam com todas vidas
    e tornam mais respiravel e embelezam o nosso planeta!!

  4. Meanwhile the forests of the world are being burned. There needs to be action from wealthy governments to incentivise nations with vast forests to protect them. It's not about economics, it's about survival of our species! We lose the forest, we're dead!

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