The European Space Agency Explained


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When people think about the big players of the space industry, they don’t tend to think about Europe. But believe it or not the European Space Agency or ESA has the second highest budget out of any space agency. So what are they doing with all that money?

Narration by Mark Lurenana

Written and Edited by David Blom –

Cycles – Audionautix
European Union Anthem
Simon Bichbihler – In the 1980’s

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  1. This is a re-upload from yesterday with some errors fixed and some new visuals and music. Even if you watched the one from yesterday you might enjoy watching this one. Cheers.

  2. "this paragrph is of two important technilogical parts , please read the second "I know a method of travelling faster than light in space , the method is to use a kinetic force from inside the ship to hit a point connected to the chasis of it and a too much strong force , due to continuity , speed accumulation in space , the rate of the kinetic force , the number of the hitting arm and the time of hitting the speed will reach the speed of light easily depending on how strong the artillery is the strength will define the time required to reach light speed " if you used a any force for 10000 hits per second and across the day you will have 8.3*10^7 × the speed resulted of a single hit × the number of arms " if we had one arm , 1 meter per second per hit across 83000 seconds for one day then the speed after the day is about 10^8 and its the speed of light devided by 3 , what if we used more arms , stronger force , fast result speed per second we may travel faster than light in a nanos of second . is this clear mister . if we used a nano layer of high arms concentration and placed it to a car then the car will travel in any direction with any speed with no issues , nano tech can boost the speed to a very high scale ranges to 10^x times depending on the hitting tech , size , concentration of arms , power of each 4 arms that can push the layer in a straight direction , if each arm made 1 gram force , then imagine 10^12 arms "4" they will make 1 mega tons on about 10 centimeters layer and if the rate was 1 mega hitts per second , then the speed will be boosted by 10^6'times of that 1M tons per second and the speed will be good to travel to all surrounding galaxies in short time and have the information of all surrounding galaxies planets …. please contact me I'm a communications engineer : " , +9647718263316 " I hope I can help , the method can be used also for a rocket inside the ship that uses h2 o2 oil and the resulted water can be fast analysed using the resulting heat of the internal rocket that can generate high power either from electronic converters or by turbines that can work by both rocket air force and water boiling force or the three methods can be used , then the h2 o2 gases can be refilled by an air compressor to the main tank and the space ship will travel without any oil loss with a high power gain that can be use to make another electric engine to haste the ship in a short time , I can program and implement the essential parts for free and I can make the rocket engine if we had a furnace or a better nano printer programmed to make a low scale engine built from materials in short time , or I can guide programmers to do it easily and shortly , if we used small engines with high pressure and large number with a main tank feeds them and by heat in the gas before reaction , and with a wider board , the speed will be doubled if I wasn't wrong may be by 1000s of times … I will be online for two weeks then I will go to work I won't spend my money on internet , if you find it useful then we can talk about more practical details , I can minimize the cost of the ship to few thousands of dollars if we had to pay , I'm an engineer and no such a costful device on earth , the expensive communications system can be cheap if we just used the essential system ….

  3. Nope ESA Has sent sent humans into space for example Tim Peake he went up from the ESA but on a Russian spacecraft (The Soyuz) So basically false info do a bit more research

  4. If Germany, U.K. France, italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, Austria and Switzerland all put their minds to it ESA would be by far the biggest space agency especially when you consider the companies at their disposal such as Airbus, BAE, Leonardo, THALES, Rolls Royce, Dassault ect not even mentioning The massive amount of Large tech companies in Germany.

  5. Rockets are not the future of space travel and only blocking.

    Hg ring accelerators with outlet tubes filled with water for linear slow down are driving the ship the Hg back in ring accelersted again that way not loosing mass for ship acceleration with 1g it can stand in air in space less 1 year near c with energy from Li-7 Th HTR or better from cold fusion of water from Hg H->H punsh fusion in water
    added CO2 turbine with cf compressor backflow cooling of all thermal isolated, generator etc.


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