Mike Oldfield sends greeting to ESA and the Sentinel team


World-renowned musician Mike Oldfield, composer of the music used in ESA’s Sentinel-1 video, is a big space fan. From his home, Mike and his two sons (the future generation of space scientists and explorers) sent this message to ESA and the Sentinel-1 team with best wishes for the upcoming launch.

Sentinel-1 is an important mission, its launch will mark a new shift in Earth observation, focusing on operational missions to support users for decades to come. This first mission carries an advanced radar sensor to image Earth’s surface through cloud and rain and regardless of whether it is day or night.


Video copyright: ESA/M. Oldfield
Sentinel written by M. Oldfield
Graphics: ESA/ATG medialab
Music: copyright EMI Virgin

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  1. A message for the #Copernicus   #sentinel-1  team from world-renowned musician Mike Oldfield – composer of the music used in ESA's Sentinel-1 video, and a big space fan.

    Sentinel-1, carries an advanced radar instrument to provide an all-weather, day-and-night supply of imagery of #Earth’s surface. 

    Sentinel-1 is set for launch on 4 April, find out more:

  2. Amazing video, we'll be watching Sentinel-1's accomplishments too! Great choice of music and it's ab fab that Mike Oldfield has sent this lovely video message about the project and its music choice.Way to go!

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