The Future of Your Job in the Age of AI | Robots & Us | WIRED


Robot co-workers and artificial intelligence assistants are becoming more common in the workplace. Could they edge human employees out? What then?

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The Future of Your Job in the Age of AI | Robots & Us | WIRED

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  1. "So what can we do if machines take our jobs?" "One potential solution is something called Universal basic income". A revival of communism seems to be our only fate; I truly worry for the future of mankind.

  2. Companies will just replace us with robots as soon as we refuse to comply with being monitored 24/7 in the name of productivity. People will be working less because we will likely be sacked and have zero leverage for negotiation.

  3. "It wasn't about trying to replace people…"
    But it replaced people nonetheless.
    And BS to him saying it wasn't about replacing people…it soooooo was/is!
    The biggest part of any company's budget is employee salaries and that's where they always look to cut first…that's why they use robots…that's why they supported the creation of robots.
    More money for themselves.
    More products to sell.
    More waste of natural resources.
    More trash created.
    They didn't think this through…They saw more money at the exclusion of everything else.

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