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Steve Spangler is a bestselling author, STEM educator and Emmy award-winning television personality with more than 2,100 television appearances to his credit. Steve appeared as a regular guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show from 2007-2022. Learn more about Steve at

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  1. used to run wire edm machines, had to run di water and when filters were bad and the ppm got too high machine would alarm out until new filters and water cycled enough to remove any conductive material

  2. Pure water is a very poor conductor. But very little of the water you'll ever meet is pure and you won't always have time to check…
    He says "two bare wires each side", but he means one on EACH side. You can see them and count them.h

  3. this is such a safe demonstration, it's a shame low voltage and a led wouldnt work, i've poked myself on the leads of LEDs before, they are dangerous

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