There’s so much to study around Jupiter 🧐 #shorts


The main goal of the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, Juice, is to characterise Jupiter’s icy moons as both planetary objects and possible habitats. But by observing Jupiter’s atmosphere, magnetosphere, and system of moons and rings, the mission will also reveal how different aspects of the planet’s environment affect one another. In this way, Juice will improve our knowledge of Jupiter as a unique planet and as a whole system.

With Jupiter being like a ‘mini solar system’, we will be able to apply this knowledge to our own Solar System and other planetary systems in the Universe, improving our understanding of how gas giants form and behave, and the potential for life to exist on their orbiting worlds. This knowledge will feed into our exoplanet monitoring programme, which currently consists of a trifecta of dedicated missions – Cheops, Plato and Ariel – complemented by Webb.

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