Traces of Martian life: Valles Marineris


Valles Marineris, the ‘Grand Canyon’ of Mars, a huge canyon system around 4000 km long, up to 240 km wide and 6.5 km deep, where water is believed to have flowed many thousands of years ago. The geological history of Valles Marineris still remains a mystery.

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  1. I believe you, less life in your brain too lol… 'Martions' is spelled MARTIANS.

    Dude if you're gonna' lay into a video, at least spell properly, jokes on you!

    P.S: Don't be so pessimistic!

  2. From what the scientist say (i cannot just claim that there is or aint life there since i've never visited it) so from what they say mars is dead due to lapse of atmosphere right? But probably there are still some microorganisms in the ice caps and i dont know- they may be the same primitive bakteria as we have here. This would be interesting

  3. Nice job on the animation……I'm trying to do something similar in VUE11….or Carrara, or Bryce……each does something well. But will slow down and look up close.

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