Tribute to the Space Shuttle from the European astronauts


Space Shuttle is perhaps the most complex technological system ever built. In 30 years, it has flown 135 times and helped humankind to dispatch and partially even return many satellites and deep-space probes, to build the International Space Station and to conduct out-of-this-world science. The Shuttle has transported also 24 European astronauts to Earth orbit on 25 missions.
This video highlights these flights with European flavour – from STS-9 in 1983 to STS-134 in last May.

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  1. Dear ESA YouTube Channel Followers,

    We have taken into consideration your comments regarding the content of this video production, "The Tribute to the Space Shuttle from the European astronauts" and replaced it with a new version.
    We appreciate your feedback and your comments on all our ESA video productions to improve your viewing experience.

    Best regards,
    ESA YouTube Channel Moderator

  2. @ESA well i didn't see anything wrong with the original one but this is a great production regardless 🙂 A 'what's next for the esa' would be great too xD

  3. Great compilation. It is a pity that the shuttle program came to an end, but everything does, eventually. I'm now excited about the future, because whatever it holds will have such an honourable legacy.

  4. Hello,
    I've asked NASA if they could organize a world tour exposition of their shuttle, would do participate in such an event ? Only to show the two shuttle to world public.
    It's humanity history. It would be cool to have one shuttle in Europe, just to see it, not go in it.
    Have a nice day

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