Visions of human spaceflight and robotic exploration


Visions and clips from ESA’s future for human spaceflight and robotic exploration. Exploring is about visiting new places and coming back with new experiences and knowledge to help us on Earth.

Our strategy includes three destinations where humans will work with robots to gather new knowledge: low-Earth orbit on the International Space Station, the Moon – our closest neighbour, and our third destination Mars.

The exploration programme includes Europe’s service module for NASA’s Orion spacecraft around the Moon, a landing on the Moon with Roscomos’ Luna lander and ESA’s Exomars rover on Mars.

A deep-space gateway farther afield than the International Space Station is considered as a springboard for exploration beyond the Moon.

Watch a longer version of ESA’s future for human spaceflight and robotic exploration:

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  1. A message talking about Europeans, our achievements and spirit. I wish i could read more messages like these, unashamedly and openly, unlike the protocolarian and prefabricated speeches that i hear from the EU.
    That being, said i love the video. Keep it up, ESA!

  2. Fantastic promotional film! I saw it yesterday at the Alex Gerst press event in Berlin and was really moved, especially by "Europeans: once explorers, always explorers". That's what it's really about (and I was a bit disappointed by the moderator's translation to "Forscher" instead of "Entdecker"). I hope to one day be one of the lucky few that get to push the limits of human knowledge and skills and be an astronaut myself!

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