We Asked a NASA Technologist – Is There Oxygen on Mars?


Is there oxygen on Mars? Technically yes, but it’s nothing like the amount we have on Earth. So breathing is out of the question. However, there IS a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) on Mars. Now a new technology — MOXIE — has proven that we can convert Martian CO2 into oxygen for use by future explorers. NASA engineer Asad Aboobaker tells us more. Learn more about MOXIE: https://go.nasa.gov/37ujwOl

Producers: Jessica Wilde & Scott Bednar
Editor: Matthew Schara

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  1. NASA = Never A Straight Answer.

    While the Americans are flying around in anti gravity craft as such the TR3B and more, the public sit in brainwashed ore at the drip fed theatre show from NASA.

    Its hilarious !

    Watch – The Phenomenon, Dr Steven Greer and wake up world to the lies you are being fed everyday of your lives from those who work in the space industry and are responsible for it. Presidents, astronauts, ministers of defense, high ranking military officials – all telling you THEMSELVES the TRUTH !

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