Webb Telescope’s progress on This Week @NASA


NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland and Goddard Center Director Chris Scolese congratulated the Goddard team recently for progress in development of the James Webb Space Telescope. The telescope’s flight instruments and primary mirrors are being integrated at Goddard. JWST is the agency’s flagship science project and the most powerful space telescope ever built. Scheduled to launch in 2018, it will study every phase in the history of our universe, including the first luminous glows after the big bang and the evolution of our own solar system. Also, Crawler-Transporter test drive, Adapter ring complete, Engine test, Progress up, Progress down and more!

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  1. Hello to you all at NASA, you are doing an incredible job at building these unbelievably complex and able crafts and telescopes. You are getting allready ton's of data coming from numerous other technically outstanding platforms either here on earth or in space, and it will only expand with magnitudes of sizes in the near and further future. I love every minute the media spends on these explorations and I have done so for the greater part of my life.

    But I have a plea for you, please, please, please take some time to consider what the guys behind the model of the Electric Universe are trying to tell you. Seek the opportunity to work together eventhough opinions are clearly different.

    It takes courage to step from one mindset to a quite different one. I'm sure that many of you, working in different fields of research and development can appreciate and see the links that are not yet visible, if one keeps grasping onto the Gravity only model. There is so much "intellect" pointing towards an alternative that there is no longer denieing  the concept. It is not really in full contrast, merely a different roledivision and the introduction of a source of energy, driving micro- and macrocosmic events (and everything inbetween) that we all know so wel since a few centuries, electricity.  

    Reconsider the pioneering work done by the late Halton Arp, once a renowned member of the astronomical society with many discoveries and observations to his name, then, sadly,  outcast for holding on to a divergent idea about the nature and meaning of redshift. Then there is Kristian Birkeland. or Nikola Tesla, or Hannes Alvén and many others who dared to look beyond there own specialistic world and understood and combined what they observed in other's. 

    In fact you allready have some views in common, for instance the 'footprints' that link some Jovian moons tot their motherplanet and Eceladus to Saturn. You're basically telling the the same story here but with you guys it's a solitary book, while it's a mere chapter in the "librabrary' of the electric universe. 

    With great respect for what everyone at NASA and other space exploration organisations achieve and have achieved in the past, I lead you to a, hopefully allready known site: http://www.thunderbolts.info

    Paul van Loon
    The Netherlands

  2. I sincerely hope that the US does`nt collapse in on itself with the ever weakening dollar and its inability to shrug off its national debt.
    There is no other nation on earth with the expertise to persistently strive and to encounter what seem to be unsurmountable problems.
    Good luck to you all over the pond and thanks so much for freely sharing your findings.
    Tell the FED to tell your Central bank to put all of the QE into rebuilding that fantastic nation of yours,you deserve it.
    JF ( UK )

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