What a perfect ambush looks like 😮 Hannibal’s masterclass at Trebia against the Roman army


🚩 A clip from our video Battle of the Trebia, 218 BC. See the full video here: https://youtu.be/e3JPe75W-Eg

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  1. Spoiler Alert:
    Carthage will be OBLITERATED, by Rome, brick by brick.
    All that remains now are tens of thousands of jars filled with the bones of ritually sacrificed Carthaginian children.

  2. Its not the strategy that was amazing, its the timing of all components coming together was incredible not just for its time but also today. In case anyone wondering, Im talking about the communication/timing of communication between the units.

  3. The real question why numidians didn't have elephant of there own , later or earlier in history? And why they don't have shields too??

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