What Is the Habitable Zone?


There’s a helpful concept we use to help understand what distance from a given star you might expect to find planets with liquid water on their surface – liquid water being essential for life as we know it. It’s called the habitable zone. Every star has a habitable zone, but where that zone lies is different for stars of different sizes and brightness.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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  2. I'd like to ask NASA, SpaceX et al; when the second stage of the missile is deployed and hits the firmament, what's the furthest distance achieved through the waters above the firmament, before the missile loses all its energy? When we see the spiraling ripples, I assume that's the first stage of the missile, slamming into the firmament, whilst the second stage missile is launched into the firmament and the waters above?

    If it is understood the moon is a plasma phenomenon, that occurs in the ionosphere; why are there 'moon missions' still being touted in 2021? I thought it has been generally understood and accepted, since at least 1965?

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