What was the Secret Weapon of the Carthaginian Empire?


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🚩 After Rome’s destruction of Carthage in 146 BC, the Carthaginian libraries were given to the kings of Numidia, but Mago’s work was considered too important to lose. It was brought to Rome and Decimus Junius Silanus was commissioned by the Roman Senate to translate it into Latin – but the Punic and Latin versions of the texts were eventually lost. However, it was Cassius Dionysius of Utica, an ancient North African writer on botany and medicinal substances, who became best known for his Greek translation of the great 28-volume treatise on agriculture, written by the Carthaginian Mago…

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

📜 Sources:
Mago: Father of Farming – John Koster

Forgotten Peoples of the Ancient World – Philip Matyszak

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  1. Dear sirs, as someone wrote before me, specially Lazar Moncilovic, there is a BIG MISTAKE in the introduction of this interesting video. The roman Consul who reduced Carthage to a heap of ruins in the year 146 B.C. was Publius Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus, also known as Scipio Africanus MINOR. Minor must be specified for not confusing him with the winner of the battle of Zama in 212 B.C.. Lazar Moncilovic is also right about salting the ruins of Carthage.

  2. Great topic, although maybe you should have combined it with another as there is a lot of repetition, redundancies and needless quoting for padding the watch time.

  3. Thanks (History Marche) channel for sharing this a wonderful History Video. Rome Empire destroyed Carthaginian Empire, For Successful Commercial & Agricultural Competitions .But Rome Empire Failed to controlling same Quality & quantity of Farming after Carthaginian destroyed

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