What would you do after 60 days in bed? ๐Ÿ›Œ #shorts


Lying in bed for a full 60 days โ€“ with one shoulder always touching the mattress โ€“ might sound like bliss, but add cycling, spinning and constant medical tests to the equation and it becomes a challenging experience for the sake of human space exploration.

A group of 12 volunteers are bracing themselves for a bedridden journey that put them into a compulsory reclined lifestyle. Participants are kept in beds tilted 6 degrees below the horizontal with their feet up โ€“ meals, showers and toilet breaks included.

As blood flows to the head and muscle is lost from underuse, researchers are charting how their bodies react. Bedrest studies offer a way of testing measures to counter some of the negative aspects of living in space.

During space missions, astronautsโ€™ bodies go through a wide array of changes due to lack of gravity โ€“ everything from their eyes to their heart is affected, and muscles and bones start to waste away.

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