Where did the Moon come from? 🌝 #shorts


Explore the mysteries behind the Earth-Moon system’s origin with these four intriguing theories. 🌍🌕
Which one do you think holds the key to our celestial companion’s creation?

📹 ESA – European Space Agency


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  1. Isn't there also one similar to the fourth one but it suggests that there was a direct hit to Earth which vaporized the Earth's mantle and produced a large "cloud" around the Earth which condensed into the Moon / fell partly back to the Earth's surface.
    iirc this explains the composition of the moon better than the "Theia" hypothesis which doesn't include a direct heads-on hit

  2. Irregular mass density in the semi molten stage when planet earth was forming created wobbling spin ( we are still having residual effect ) .might have ejected out due to centrifugal forces sharing spin with moon but still remained under common gravitational center ( captured moon ).lt is my thinking and which took millions of years in evolution . Without moon the earth would not have living things.

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