8 puzzle | 8 puzzle Problem In Artificial Intelligence[Bangla Tutorial]


8 puzzle | 8 puzzle Problem In Artificial Intelligence[Bangla Tutorial]

This tutorial help for basic concept of 8 puzzle and it also help gather knowledge of 8 puzzle
i will provide very basic level concept to advance level concept of Artificial Intelligence if you watching this tutorial i think you will be learn about 8 puzzle. If you want to learn more then you must watch this playlist, playlist name Artificial Intelligence if there are any query in 8 puzzle in Artificial Intelligence please comment the comment section below,if you want more videos than you subscribe my channel for get update notification,
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  1. ভাল লাগসে । এরকম আরও বানাবেন আমাদের মত ছাত্রদের জন্য। সব কিছুতে পাশে আছি। ধন্যবাদ।

  2. সাধারনত কাউকে গালি দেই না।কিন্তু আপ্নারে দেবো।আপনি একটা ভালো লেভেলের বোকাচোদা।

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