Adam Driver Asks NASA About Asteroids


The dinosaurs went extinct by an asteroid impact many years ago. Here at NASA and around the world, there are teams of experts making sure we can actually do something about it if an asteroid were to ever threaten Earth. We’re studying these rocky, airless remnants to better understand the early formation of our solar system.

“65” actor Adam Driver and NASA Planetary Defender Kelly Fast discuss how we find, track, and monitor near-Earth asteroids, as well as test technologies that could one day be used to prevent a potential impact, should a hazardous asteroid be discovered in the future. The duo also talks about the OSIRIS-REx mission and the asteroid sample the spacecraft will bring to Earth this September.

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Producers: Scott Bednar, Jessica Wilde, Emily Furfaro, Josh Handal
Editor/Graphics: Matthew Schara

Movie Footage courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment 65

Credit: NASA

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