Angry Birds & Pigs Go Weightless!!!


In cooperation with NASA, Finland-based Rovio Entertainment, creator of the Angry Birds franchise, has announced its newest game, “Angry Birds Space.” Game developers have incorporated concepts of human space exploration into the new game. From the weightlessness of space to the gravity wells of nearby planets, players use physics as they explore the various levels of the game set both on planets and in microgravity. Aboard the International Space Station, Flight Engineer Don Pettit of NASA created a video using Angry Birds Space to explain how physics works in space, including demonstrating trajectories in microgravity by catapulting an Angry Bird through the space station.

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  1. I'm doing an english space camp for my (Korean) elementary students and I'm going to use this as part of their introduction/motivation on the first day. It's perfect because they'll love the angry birds stuff, and also Mr Pettit speaks very clearly so they'll pick up and follow along better. I'm sure they'll also love the visual aid re: recycling urine haha

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