Samaira’s board Games CoderBunnyz & CoderMindz are the Gifts of Coding on Amazon


What’s on?

Who is Samaira?

Samaira Mehta is an American coder and inventor. She is the founder and chief executive officer of CoderBunnyz.

Mehta is from Santa Clara, California.Her father is an engineer.She began coding when she was 6 years old. She created the board game CoderBunnyz, with the help of her little brother, to teach other children how to code.She designed the game over the course of a year.Mehta speaks at workshops and conferences including at Microsoft, Intel, and Google.She first started presenting at workshops at the Santa Clara City Library.She spoke at the 2019 C2 Montréal Conference.Mehta aims to eliminate gender bias and increase the number of women in engineering.

The name, CoderBunnyz, combines her interest in board games and coding with bunnies, her favorite animal. The game provides instruction on basic concepts in artificial intelligence and Java.It includes five major topics including training, back propagation, inference, adaptive learning, and autonomous. The STEM game is used in over 106 schools.

Awards and honors
In 2016, Mehta won the $2,500 second-place prize at Think Tank Learning’s Pitchfest. She received a letter from former first lady Michelle Obama.

CoderBunnyz board game empowers girls and boys to learn code and become leaders in tech. Started in 2015 CoderBunnyz hosts workshops in libraries, schools, communities and tech events. The “Girls U Code” arm of CoderBunnyz hosts workshops for underprivileged girls and helps create a national community changing the role of girls and women in tech. “Cookies with CoderBunnyz” is an interview series with distinguished personalities whose journey help inspire the next generation entrepreneurs.
CoderBunnyz conducts workshops at various tech-events, corporations and city libraries across SF/Silicon valley and has taught over 1400 kids, including multiple workshops at Google HQ!

Coder Bunnyz – The Most Comprehensive STEM Coding Board Game Ever! Learn All The Concepts You Ever Need in Computer Programming in a Fun Adventure. Featured at TIME, NBC, Sony, Google, Maker Faires!

CoderMindz Game for AI Learners! World’s First Ever Board Game for Boys and Girls Age 6 and up That Teaches Artificial Intelligence and Computer Programming Through Fun Robot and Neural Adventure!

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