Ariane 6 launch site visit


At Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, everything is being prepared to accommodate Europe’s newest launcher, Ariane 6.

A new launch pad is under construction and the mobile gantry protecting the launcher will soon be visible.

The new assembly building dimensions can now be fully seen as the outer shell is almost complete.

Ariane 6 will guarantee Europe’s independent access to space and should consolidate Arianespace’s leading role on the satellites launch market.

The first Ariane 6 launch is scheduled for July 2020.

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  1. Come back to me when you design a very reliable rocket that does not need any of its parts to be replaced and just needs refueling. When the damn thing needs inspection, cleaning, component swaps and what not, then there is no "reusability" by any stretch of the imagination. Until then, Ariane 6 will do just fine by providing the service to costumers faster at much lower cost, with proven technology and reliability etc. What's wrong with that? And why the animosity toward ESA? It is not that big of an organization. So yeah, I think it is an achievement what ESA tries to do with this new rocket and within the constraints it faces.

  2. Sadly not a very future-proof design, solid rockets have to go. And re-use can be stepped up from there.
    Allot of opportunities missed here, even scaled back on the promise of some innovations. It lacks bravoure, commitment.
    And most disappointing, still no talk of human rated space flight capability for Europe.

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