#AskNASA┃ How Do Astronauts Use the Potty in Space?


Hygiene, eating, sleeping — life operates a tad differently when you’re in space.

Join NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir as she answers some of our popular questions about living aboard the International Space Station.

Jessica explains how the lack of gravity makes everyday activities not so ordinary, from washing your hair in zero gravity to using the bathroom in space. Jessica details how astronauts handle the tricky tasks and offer a sneak peek at the new space toilet planned for NASA’s Artemis program.

Celebrating her most notable achievement, Jessica shares her thoughts about her first spacewalk and highlights her role in the first all-woman spacewalk.

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For more information about Artemis: https://www.nasa.gov/what-is-artemis

This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library: https://images.nasa.gov/details-NHQ_2020_0925_AskNASA%E2%94%83%20HOW%20DO%20ASTRONAUTS%20USE%20THE%20POTTY%20IN%20SPACE

Video Credits:
Producers: Jori Kates and Amy Leniart
Editor: Jori Kates

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  1. OMG! how surreal would it be if you just saw your body wast floating around behind or in front of you?! that would be so disgusting! ewwwwww! but, that would be very crasyski! very crayski and very surrealski! but, why didn't you guys do training in a no gravity zone? or in airrider? it's a place where you can pay to float in the air? you could have created that sort of thing in the space station. but water training would be just like scuba diving right? i cannot wait till i'm 18 and i can scuba dive.

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