Battle of Adrianople, 1205 ⚔️ Emperor Kaloyan, the Roman Slayer


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➤ Narration: David McCallion

➤ Music:
Epidemic Sound

➤ Sources:
The Asanids: The Political and Military History of the Second Bulgarian Empire – Alexandru Madgearu

#adrianople #byzantian #bulgaria

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  1. A very good representation of the battle of Adrianople, one of the decisive battles in history. We have prehistory, development, suspence, geography, everything that could be demanded. I also think that Kaloyan first offered peace to the Baldwin but the latter refused him because he thought that Asen brothers had been rebels and their land was Byzantine – i.e. Latin – by legal right. It was stupid and contrary to the advices of Innocent III who had just given Kaloyan king's crown recognising him as a legitimate ruler. So, we can see something like a divine judgement in this case…

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