Battle of Bosworth, 1485 – Fall of the Last King and a dynasty that ruled for 331 years!


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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

📝 Writing by Damien Peters

📷 Green screen footage by Green Screen Magic

🎼 Music:
Impact Allegretto – Kevin MacLeod

📚 Sources:
Works cited:
Primary Sources:
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📚 Secondary Sources:
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  1. Following the investigations and archeology of the last few years, consensus has shifted the battle south of the Fenn Lanes with the majority of firearms projectiles discovered south of Dadlington. It is believed, due to findings of silver pin, Richard's last stand was made on the outskirts of Stoke Golding, at the base of Crown Hill. Would have been nice for the vid to show these, rather than the unproven Ambion Hill theory.

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