Towton, 1461 – Britain’s Bloodiest Battle – Wars of the Roses


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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

🎼 Music:
Epidemic Sounds
All this scoring action – Kevin MacLeod

📚 Sources:
Christopher Gravet & Graham Turner – Towton 1461: England’s Bloodiest Battle (2003)
Philip A. Haigh – From Wakefield to Towton: The Wars of the Roses (2001)
Edward Hall, Chronicle
Michael Hicks – The Wars of the Roses, 1455-1485 (2003)
John Sadler – Towton: The Battle of Palm Sunday Field, 1461 (2011)

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  1. Maybe one of the most epic battles in history. The scale and the stakes are so massive it seems more like something out of a fantasy novel than an actual historic occurence. No wonder it inspired ASoIaF.

  2. Great video, will be happy to see more videos on tWotR prefarebly lesser covered battles lika Whakefield, Hexham, Blore Heath or Mortimers Cross to Tewkesbury, Barnet or Bosworth field.Many Thanks for all great content

  3. The magnates present at the battle on the Lancastrian side were: Duke of Somerset, Duke of Exeter, Son of the Duke of Buckingham, Earl of Northumberland, Earl of Devon, Earl of Wiltshire & Ormond, Viscount Beaumont, Baron Moleyns & Hungerford, Baron Dacre, Baron Clifford, Baron Neville, Baron Rivers, Baron Welles, Baron Willoughby, Baron Ros, Baron Richemont, Baron Maulay, Baron Codnor, Baron Fitzhugh and Bishop of Carlyle. 7 rich Knights. Scottish mercenaries and Militia from York.

    The magnates on the Yorkist side were: Duke of York (Edward IV), Duke of Norfolk, Duke of Suffolk, Earl of Warwick & Salisbury, Son of the Earl of Arundel, Viscount Bourchier, Baron Fauconberg, The men of Baron Fitz Walter (killed at Ferrybridge), Baron Stanley, Baron Grey, Baron Clinton, Baron Dudley, Baron Scrope of Bolton. 8 rich Knights and Esquires. Kentish men raised by commission of array.

    That's 1 King, 4 Dukes, the son of 1 Duke, 4 Earls, the son of 1 Earl, 2 Viscounts, 18 Barons and the men of 1 Baron. Edward IV was the Duke of York, the Earl of March, the Earl of Cambridge, and the Earl of Ulster, making him the most powerful man on the battlefield.

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