Battle of Kosovo, 1389 ⚔️ The Last stand of the Christians against Ottoman expansion ⚔️ DOCUMENTARY


🚩 With the decline of the Byzantine Empire, the Bulgarian and Serbian states were gradually losing their power, while the young Ottoman state began its conquest of the Balkan lands. Clashes between Ottomans and Serbs, beginning from the 1350’s, led to the gory Battle of Maritsa on 26 September 1371. Some of the powerful Serbian Principalities became vassals of the Ottoman State, while other rallied under the banner of Prince Lazar to stop the Ottomans in the battle of Kosovo…

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

🎵 Music:

📜 Research and writing: Srpske Bitke

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  1. Based. The Last stand of the Christians against the Ottomans was no other than SKANDERBEG and HUNYADI. @HistoryMarche needs to learn some history and stop filling youtube with serbian myths

  2. Balsha dynasty was an Albanian noble family not slavic! Thay just were orthodox and then converted to catholicism, but they are Albanians! Also you need to include more about the Albanians that took part in the Battle of kosova in 1389. Many albanian rulers and soldiers died!! So much serbian nationalist propaganda unfortunately….

  3. HistoryMarche – The Last stand of the Christians against Ottomans = Serbs in 1389
    HistoryBooks – The Last stand of the Christians against Ottomans = 15th Century => Hungarians (Hunyadi), Albanians (Skanderbeg, Romanians (Dracula :P), Venetians, Greeks of Morea, Byzantines (Fall of Constantinople), Austrians & Polish (Battle of Vienna)…

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