Battle of Uhud, 625 CE ⚔️ When things don’t go as planned


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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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📝 Written by Jonathan Woody

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  1. Overlooking the sea of historical inaccuracies, most blatent of which being how apparently the Byzantine empire was completely subsumed into Persia in the initial map – Depicting the Prophet Muhammad, prayers and peace be upon him, or any of his companions is offensive and deeply upsetting. I'm genuinely disappointed with the presentation of this video.

  2. Abdullah ibn Ubay was a known hypocrite, his enemity rose from jealousy of Prophet Muhammad(SAW). When the persecuted Muslims took shelter in Medina seeking refuge from the Meccan Pagans, the Muslims of Medina welcomed and sheltered the Muslims of Mecca, the city as a whole made the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) as a leader of all Muslims. Abdullah ibn Ubay thought it was wise to be a pretend Muslim then to stand out and was bitter as he was in line to be the next king. He was plotting from inside to undermine the Muslims in everyway. Abdullahs own son were all devout Muslims.
    From the enemy side the 2 generals Ikramah ibn Abu jahl(RA) and Khalid ibn Al Walid(RA) were champion soldiers of Islam. Even the leader Abu Sufyan (RA) became a Muslim, plus the Ethiopian slave mercenery Washi (RA) who killed Hamza(RA) became Muslim, not to forget the women that hired him Hind Bin Utbah(RA) also became a devout Muslim. Truly wonderful of how bitter stronger enemies became guided Muslims while the insincere ibn Ubay died a hypocrite the worst of all.

  3. 9:43
    > slave mercenary leisurely strolls behind enemy lines
    > finds his one target among 700 fighters and casually javelins him
    > refuses to elaborate further
    > walks away from the raging battle

    What an absolute Chad.

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