Battle of Varaville, 1057 ⚔️ William gets ready to take on England ⚔️ Part 3 ⚔️ Medieval DOCUMENTARY


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🚩 The Battle of Varaville in 1057 marked the last invasion of Normandy during William’s lifetime. The Duke was able to extend his influence outside his Norman lands and had gained substantial alliances in France. And the invasion of England was beckoning.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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  1. Can you make documentries about ancient wars like Median invasion of Babylone, and Babylonian invasion of Judea and how Selecuid empire vanished and Parthian empire came at their place, and how Herodian kingdom was established by Romans and subsquent Romans sacking of Jersusalem in 70 ad by Titus. And thanks for this very informative video.

  2. Well done! Understanding these earlier years of William as Duke of Normandy,really gives one insight to his Marshall abilities! You can see why Pope Urban ll eventually called the first Crusade. With so many Dukes,Counts & even Kings constantly fighting each over land disputes or succession rights or who owns rights to what it was good idea to send em to the Levant and point em in the direction of the Seljuk Turks!

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