Battle of Yarmuk, 636 AD (ALL PARTS) ⚔️ Did this battle change history?


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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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➤ Sources:
The Islamic Conquest of Syria – by al-Waqidi
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Yarmuk 636 AD: The Muslim Conquest of Syria – by David Nicolle
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  1. Khalid's victory came because of his unfoltering faith on Allah.
    Same as Moses. Moses defeated super power of his time only by the power of Allah.

    In the battle of Badar, Muslims had no chance to win. Allah sends angels to fight along side Muslims who were ready to die to protect Islam.

    When prophet Mohammad and Abu Bakr was hiding in the cave on the way to Madinah, the enemy traced their footprint and was near the cave.
    Abu Bakr was scared but prophet Mohammad said, Allah is with them. And Allah saved them miraculously!!

    Faith on God all the is most important for a believer.

  2. Khalid Ben al-Walid.. hands down…is by far .. the most important general ever. Maybe Hanible comes close. i can't wait for a video about Walaja battle..
    many do not know that he single handedly founded the islamic empire within 22 months. Hanible lost, and it took him 22 yrs
    another thing.. Khalid comes from a renowned family (Banu Makhzoum), which left him with lots lots of money… therefore, he did not do this for gain.. on the contrary
    so sad he is not covered in the West

    good job

  3. I'd not previously known much about the Muslim generals of history. My word, what a superb general Khalid was – truly one of the all-time greats! Thank you for educating me!

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