BepiColombo launch to Mercury


Enjoy this animation visualising BepiColombo’s launch and cruise to Mercury. Some aspects have been simplified for the purpose of this animation.

The joint ESA-JAXA mission comprises the European Mercury Planetary Orbiter and Japan’s Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter, which will be transported to the innermost planet by the Mercury Transfer Module. The animation highlights several key milestones, including the solar array and antenna deployments once in space, through to the arrival at Mercury seven years later. When approaching Mercury, the transfer module will separate and the two science orbiters, still together, will be captured into orbit around the planet. Their altitude will be adjusted until the Magnetospheric Orbiter’s desired orbit is reached. Then the Planetary Orbiter will separate and descend to its lower orbit, and the two craft will begin their scientific exploration of Mercury and its environment.

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Credits: ESA/ATG medialab

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  1. I live in kidderminster love looking at the stars went out the back of our house to have a cigarette whilst watching an old episode of the office we got a large umbrella, i said to myself id rather look at the night sky than the canopy of the umbrella so i lowered it sat back down in my pyjamas with my blankets and looked up and at 04.21 i noticed and watched what i thought was a satellite sailing through the sky probably for about 15-20 seconds i peered through the lounge window the clock said 04.22 and i thougjt to my self i will watch it again the following morning assuming it would be going past at thst sort of time. I noticed another satellite go past the other morning about 04.35 as i looked at the clock i only wrote this because it flashed up on my phone saying about amazing last pictures of earthvas it takes its last look at earth on its way to the inner atmosphere Wow Wow Wow im buzzing🌎👏

  2. Does the MTM perform the capture burn or is that done by the MPO?

    Edit: I looked it up, and it looks like the MPO will do the capture burn, as the MTM will be jettisoned before capture.

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