Buzzing Noise Maker – Sick Science! #044


Learn more at Are you the type that craves attention? Want to make a ton of noise? The Buzzing Noise Maker experiment is perfect for you! The greatest aspect of the Buzzing Noise Maker is that, while you’re attracting all that attention and making all that noise, you can explain it by saying, “Hey! Steve Spangler is teaching me about science.”

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  1. steve teaches how to do plenty of science and he makes it fun cause before i started watching his videos i hated science an now i love it
    cause he a good teacher and you are just a hater

  2. The buzzing noise produced by your Buzzing Noise Maker is produced by the rubber band vibrating against the craft stick. The vibrations are caused by air movement around the rubber band and are maximized when the Buzzing Noise Maker is moving parallel to your twirling motion. The apparatus itself is designed so that aerodynamic drag will keep the Buzzing Noise Maker parallel to air flow.
    You may have noticed that the speed of your twirl directly affects the pitch of the noise made by your Buzzing Noise Maker. The faster you spin your Buzzing Noise Maker, the higher the pitch produced by the vibrating rubber band will be.

  3. well how you did it was….the spinning of the "noise maker" it vibrates the rubber band  so the sound waves vibrate to your eardrum BOOM SCIENCE
    i'm in 7th grade science honors class ok

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