NASA’s Increase of Awesome to Continue


Wondering what’s up post-shuttle, popular Internet vlogger Hank Green of Vlogbrothers gets the straight skinny from Charlie Bolden and others at NASA about the agency’s plans for future human space exploration.

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  1. @kevok2 The public's interest in the space program will never come close to what it was in the 60's, because now we know how slow the speed of progress in the technological development side of things are.
    Back then the idea of going to space was still very "romantic" and new, but now it just doesn't seem feasible with a world wide economic recession.
    Although Obama has granted 6 billions into venturing deeper into space,
    Something big has to happen, in order to awake peoples interest again.

  2. @spbanerjee No,they plan to use the soyouz rockets for immediate access to space,meantime they'll search for an american replacement,from what I understand.

  3. @schok51 Exactly! Soyuz rockets belong to another country. They are not building new shuttles….its going to depend on American companies to come up with something. This is not a smart strategy.

  4. @kevok2 I completely agree with you. I am surprised by how ignorant the American people are about the benefits of space exploration. What Im more surprised at is how stupid the American government is! They spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year waging wars in the Middle East for oil, when in fact, they could spend that money on developing better space crafts to go and mine the Moon for all its resources. The best part is, the resources are pollution free.

  5. @videoeyez2 You are stupid seriously. Do you think we will be stuck in LEO forever? No ffs, we have learned everything we can in LEO and can now go into deep space. Come back when you understand space exploration and Nasa.

  6. fuck naza tell us the truth. LISTEN PEOPL ALIENS ARE ALREDY ON ERTH AND NASA IS KEEPING IT SECRET nasa is hiding the truth people stop being blind abot this FUCK NASA

  7. I have seen ISS tonight above Serbia, if that was space station. It was like star but brighter and it was moving not too fast , but its speed wasnt like airplanes, it was faster. Can anyone tell me if that really was ISS pls???
    P.S. sorry for bad English.

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