Can We Measure Consciousness?


What makes a brain or machine conscious? Will robots become more conscious than we are? One theory, which can actually calculate consciousness, is beginning to provide some answers.
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* Simulation of animats (simulated beings) from generation to generation, showing increase of phi:

* Research paper on Integrated Information Theory 3.0:

* More on medical uses of IIT with EEG:

* More on Behavioral Zombies and Philosophical Zombies:

* More on the relationship between consciousness and free will:


Host, Writer, Producer: Greg Kestin

Animation & Compositing: Marquee Productions & Greg Kestin

Contributing Writer: Lissy Herman

Scientific Consultants:
Masafumi Oizumi
Larissa Albantakis
Christof Koch

Filming, Writing, & Editing Contributions from:
Samia Bouzid and David Goodliffe

Image Contributions from: Drew Ganon

Editorial Input form:
Julia Cort
Lauren Aguirre
Anna Rothschild

Special thanks:
Ari Daniel
Allison Eck
Fernando Becerra
Gil Kaplan
Bella Solanot
Eric Brass
Lauren Miller
And the entire NOVA team

From the producers of PBS NOVA
© WGBH Educational Foundation

Funding provided by FQXi

Music provided by APM
Sound effects:
Neuron & MRI footage: Pond5
Additional footage from: Rise of the Robots, find credits at

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