Cât CO2 avem de la vulcani?


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  1. Sarumana, tot resepectul. Fundamental properties of space-time/energy geodesics.
    One of the energy properties in our world is to remember its position in space-time. Let's assume your universe is measured from 0 to 100.
    When energy enters space-time there is no mechanism to prevent energy from being in all possible positions all at once,
    because there is no time and position, just space.
    Then you add time to the system, the object will have time, but no position.
    Then you add memory, so the time has a way to remember the geodesics of an object.
    Without the memory of an object, the object cannot have coordinates, therefore it doesn't exist in our space-time.
    But as you probably guessed it, without a memory of an object, there is no object in the first place.
    Mass is a form of memory.
    In the Theory of Relativity, we calculate how space-time warps and behaves from the point of view of an observer at rest from
    its frame of reference. The problem with this is that it doesn't have a frame of reference from a space-time perspective.
    We are both observers in a space-time that observes us. The space-time/energy has self-reference. There is a frame of
    reference to itself from the universe's perspective. This frame of reference is made of everything in space-time relative to space-time.
    This memory of the universe keeps your geodesics in space-time.
    The memory of the geodesics is produced together, or by the gravity of an object. Objects that have no gravitation have no geodesics, like photons.
    The photon does not have memory on the space-time. It scatters everywhere
    in space-time ending in a probabilistic somewhere.
    The reason why I think it is not space-time or space-time alone is because singularity retains its mass,
    but the singularity does not live in space-time anymore. We can see that singularity still retains its memory of mass,
    we can see this effect because event horizon radius is directly proportional to singularity mass.

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