Catastrophic Crusade against Morocco – Battle of the Three Kings, 1578 (ALL PARTS)


🚩 Sebastian, the king of the ever expanding Portuguese empire, wished to impose Christian rule over Muslim Morocco. He landed in Tangier with 23,000 troops and modern artillery. But the Moroccan forces, though not as well equipped, numbered over 50,000 men. Led by the determined Sultan Abd al-Malik, defeating the the Muslims would present the greatest challenge yet to the Portuguese overseas expansion…
🚩 Upon your requests I merged all parts of this mini-series for more convenient viewing. I hope you’ll enjoy the show!

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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  1. Imagine you're a young man and you just became king of a country, only to go off to invade your neighbour and lose your first battle and die.

    Strategically and tactically, Sebastian was a terrible commander who made every mistake in the book.

  2. Only two kings…the Moroccan mercenary who came with the Portuguese was not a king at all, and the number of his men in the Battle of Wadi Al-Makhzen was 300 mercenaries, all of whom perished along with 80,000 to 100,000 Portuguese and their reckless king

  3. HistoryMarche I would like to suggest you an idea for a next video, about the most famous medieval Spanish warrior and leader Rodrigo Diaz "El Cid"

  4. Crusades rarely end well – fanatical, badly and hastily planned affairs. Too much is expected of "higher powers". too many different contingents with different leaders. Then the bad planning, no or little espionage and limited resources play their part. The same can be said of some examples of Jihad. The early Muslim conquests don't count – they were better financed, armed, organized and planned.

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