Clearing Skies for our Rovers on Mars on This Week @NASA – September 7, 2018


An update on our Mars rovers, continued progress for our Moon to Mars effort, and a look back at Dawn – in its twilight … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA!

This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library:,%202018.html

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  1. I have a question about the Martian dust storms. Is there any data on the cause and the dominate circulation of these storms? Also with the Martian atmospheric pressure of just a few millibars, what are the wind speeds required to pick up the dust? I am guessing that these dust particles are very fine.

  2. Ok that's it , why do you lie so much nasa. Nasa uses something called augmented vr to trick the eye during a live video or I should say prerecorded. Nasa you are all liars and the people on this planet have right to know why you continue to lie to us all.

  3. I dunno who writes your narration copy, but I feel as though I I ought to set up a jar, and have NASA drop a quarter into it everytime someone says "Our."
    "Our" ( insert spacecraft here) versus " Their" ( insert spacecraft here)?
    How about just using the Names of the Spacecraft in question?
    Writing on a grade school level might be fine for newspapers and wire copy.
    From NASA, I expect much better, smoother and more sophisticated and intelligent narration. Go back and listen to some of the segments done in the 1960's as Apollo was preparing to go to the moon. You'll get what I mean

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