Earth from Space: Desert bullseye


Earth from Space is presented by Kelsea Brennan-Wessels from the ESA Web-TV virtual studios. Discover a giant geological wonder in the Sahara Desert in the one-hundred-third edition.

See also to download the image.

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  1. Why have someone with an ofensive american accent present this?
    The yids that rule ESA could not find someone out the 500.000.000 Europeans with an easier to the ear voice.

  2. This place should be visited and studies and especially the surroundings. Hasn't it been dig like that?
    The wind has made that? The current for thousands of years? Or some centuries can do that (depending on the kind of material they are shaping?).
    Interestesting to learn more about this through your video. Thank you.

    (you can make videos maximum one minute longer and concentrate more information in it, giving info about also what's north what's north east etc etc).

  3. This appears to be the product of an electrical event of celestial proportions. The idea that wind shaped a near perfect circle is absurd, it would have to be a standing tornado. Note the dendritic patterns in the edge of the circle very similar to the dendritic patterns of a lightning strike.

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