Earth from Space: Mississippi River Delta


Earth from Space is presented by Kelsea Brennan-Wessels from the ESA Web-TV virtual studios.
In the twenty-fourth edition we look at the Mississippi River Delta, where the largest river in the United States empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

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  1. You can suggest anything you want or you could qualify your original premise. Why should this presenter come from the EU? The logical extension of your request is then "Which EU country should she come from?" If the presenter is then a Spaniard well that doesn't adequately represent the Germans now does it? And why is this show in English and not French? And on and on it goes. It's mindless and completely pointless. It's enough that she's human. Most are here for the science not the presenter.

  2. An absurdly non sequiter yet predictable response. Incapable of explaining your position, you first resort to sarcastic wordplay and follow that up with a personal attack. This falls very far short of "discussion" btw. It was in fact just a very simple question I posed but apparently thats all it takes to ruffle your feathers. So Run Forest Run.

  3. You're getting further and further away from the subject at hand. So I'll just assume you now realise the folly of your request hence ur determination to distance urself from it.

    If i actually were a teenager you would be setting a disturbingly pathetic example. In my culture we guide the younger generations. We dont ban or brand them as you have suggested. You sound awfully fearful and obviously require an inordinate amount of structure in order to feel safe. The modern world must terrify you.

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