Endeavour Ready to Go on This Week @NASA


April 29 is the official launch date for space shuttle Endeavour on STS-134. That announcement came at the conclusion of the mission’s Flight Readiness Review, where shuttle managers expressed satisfaction with the preparations for the program’s next-to-last flight. Launch is scheduled for 3:47 p.m. Eastern. Also, developing new ways to low-Earth orbit; putting the freeze on Webb’s mirror; Hubble turns 21; NASA’s Earth Day; soaring student rockets; do the Logo Motion; and Yuri’s Night at Langley.

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  1. @Hellstenen believe me, you will get bored. We are so incomprehensibly tiny compared to the scale of space and time, we will really find it difficult to comprehend the beauty and magnitude of things just by floating around in space randomly.

  2. the video started and I was like NO IT'S FRIDAY
    But it's NASA, so it's all good.

    i am so excited for the Endeavour launch! it's really bittersweet, though…I'm glad that it can launch again, but I'm sad that this is its last launch. We will miss you, Endeavour, and Godspeed on your final mission!

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