ESA astronauts training for ISS mission


Thomas Pesquet from France will shortly become the last member of ESA’s 2009 astronaut class to fly to the International Space Station.

He is scheduled to fly next November for a six-month stay in orbit, during which time he’ll carry out maintenance activities and a packed schedule of experiments.

He has been training at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas, alongside veteran ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli from Italy, who will be going to the ISS for the third time after Thomas’s return to Earth.

This video shows new images of Thomas and Paolo training at Johnson Space Center in Houston, USA.

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  1. What are the necessary qualifications and abilities to become an astronaut at ESA or while working as an engineer. Is there any job offer in this sector?

    Thomas Good luck and enjoy your dream job! Make us dream! I think that France and Europe are proud to have you! 😉
    Bonne chance Thomas et profite de ton job de rêve! Fais nous rêver! Je pense que la France et l'Europe sont fières de t'avoir! 😉

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