ESA – Space to Relax / Europe from Space


Having a stressful day? We got you covered! Sit back, turn the volume up and enjoy a relaxing moment brought to you by ESA and Lufthansa exploring the countries which make up the European Space Agency with images taken by the Copernicus Sentinel-1A, Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-3A, Proba-V and Envisat satellites.

Don’t forget to favourite this video. You will always have a space to relax with us.

Music by Matt Baute.

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  1. So weird and exciting to see my home on the thumbnail of ESA channel!
    Very good idea! Really relaxing and informative. I like how names of places and cities appear a bit later, so I have a chance to guess.
    A great contribution, thanks!

  2. Europe is peaceful among its members. Europe has high human development index. Europe has good infrastructure. If only one day the whole world is like Europe. That way the total science budget of human race will be a lot higher.

  3. 3:12 it’s AugsbUrg – anyway, those videos should be mandatory to all self proclaimed and real statesmen and -women in order to demonstrate their insignificance for Planet Earth to all of them. Less wars, less oppression, less tweets would be the consequences.

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